Joining in

Introductory sessions

Edinburgh Jitsu runs a series of introductory sessions three or four times a year. We are also trialling the running of a dedicated beginner 'taster' session once a month. If you want to try out training you should come to one these sessions. Once you've attended an introductory session you can come to as few or as many sessions as you like.

Introductory sessions are really good fun and very popular, you don't have to do anything you don't want to try.

Get in touch to find out when the next beginners' sessions will be. They will run for 2-3 weeks. You're welcome to just turn up on the day, or you can let us know to expect you via facebook or the contact form. Alternatively, please e-mail: [email protected] with your questions!

All sessions are held at Walpole Hall, 27 Chester St, Edinburgh EH3 7EN.

We train at the following times:

  • Adult

    • Wednesday 7 - 9PM
    • Sunday 3 - 5PM
  • Youth

    • Sunday 1:30 - 3PM

Where to find us

Walpole Hall, 27 Chester St, Edinburgh EH3 7EN

Walpole Hall is on Chester St - this is next to St Mary's Episcopalian Cathedral, near Palmerston Place in the West End of Edinburgh.

We have a short video on how to find the entrance from the street.


You should wear whatever you'd normally wear to the gym, anything loose and comfortable. We don't wear shoes, socks, or any jewellery on the mat.

It's best to turn up a 5-10 minutes early for your first session to give you time to fill in a health questionnaire.

IMPORTANT: You will be asked to complete a health and registration form before taking part. If possible, please print out and complete our Health form and Registration form, and bring them along with you to your first session to save some time.

Edinburgh Jitsu also offers classes for young people aged 11-18 years. For more information on Edinburgh Jitsu Youth, please look here.

What does it cost?

Edinburgh Jitsu keeps costs to an absolute minimum. We want everyone to be able to train.

Session fees:

Free for 2 Introductory Sessions, then...

  • £5 for Novice (Up to first grading)
  • £7 for Kyu (i.e. once you get your first belt)

Bulk session discounts:

  • Saver Card: £50 for novices, £70 for Kyu - covers 10 sessions + 1 additional free session!
  • Standing Order: £45 per month - train as much as you want!


Insurance is required to train after your first 2 free sessions.

  • £30 for 6 months (novice only)
  • £75 for 12 months (kyu only, i.e. once you get your first belt)

Low Wage Income Cost (LWIC):

If you are unemployed / on a low income and want to train with us, but our normal training costs are prohibitive, talk to an instructor. LWIC costs are £3 per session, and £20 membership - reviewed every 3 months. Abuse of LWIC is grounds for dismissal of membership.